Newest Magnetic False Eyelashes - Upgrate 3D Handmade Reusable Eyelashes Extension - Ultra-thin 0.2mm Fake Lashes - No Glue, Ultra Lightweight & Long (2 Pairs/ 8 Pcs).

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It was a terrible thing to miss a fake eyelashes without a cosmetic case on a date! And eyelashes close to the eye, eyelash glue will cause irritation to the eyes. Of course, this is the trouble wearing a traditional false eyelashes.
The benefits of magnetic eyelashes, in addition to avoid these troubles, there are many. Light and convenient, even if it is lost it can easily stick back. Do not rely on glue, do not worry about eyes will be stimulated.
It also has the advantage of false eyelashes, double eyelashes make the original eyelashes more dense, so that makeup more three-dimensional. You can trim the length, until you are satisfied.
How to use
First eyelash curler eyelashes become curved upturned, put a piece of magnetic eyelashes on the top of the eyelashes, adjust the position, align with the edge of the eyelashes.
Then put another piece of magnetic eyelashes under the eyelashes, let them fit together, adjust the angle and position to complete.
How to remove:
Just use your fingers gently two magnetic eyelashes separately, try to straighten two eyelashes, keep its shape, extend its life.

  • Double Magnetism: Strong magnetic force can make fake eyelashes fixed so that your makeup can last longer.
  • Three-dimensional: double lashes will be more dense, so that makeup looks more three-dimensional.
  • Lightness: handmade with artificial fibers, light body size will not burden your eyes. Its operation is simple and convenient, shorten your makeup time.
  • Environmentally friendly: it recycles, and unlike the traditional fake eyelashes, it does not need to rely on glue, save your time and money.
  • No irritation: it does not need glue, you never have to worry about the glue will cause irritation to the eyes.

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