6Pcs/Lot Goddess Locs with Curly Ends Crochet Twist Soft Synthetic Braiding Hair Extension 24 Roots (14inch(6-PACKS), #1B)

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(1)Material:Synthetic Hair,Hair weave, synthetic hair extensions,crochet locs goddess,dreadlocs,goddess crochet hair faux locs
(2)Item Typer :Hair Extension ,Dreadlocks Soft Curly, Twist Crochet Dreas Hair, braiding hair,crochet locs,goddess crochet hair faux locs
(3)Items Per Package :6Pack/Lot .faxu locs crochet hair,goddesslocs crochet hair faux locs with deep ends,freetress wavy faux locs,ocs braiding hair
(4)Style :Wavy Faux Locs+Curly Ends ,Goddess crochet hair curly end,synthetic hair extensions,goddess crochet faux locs
(5)Strands: 24 Strands Wave Crochet Braids ,braiding hair dread locs,crochet locs goddess
(6)Color: 1B#, 2#1B/27, Faux Locs Braid Hair,ombre braiding hair,freetress crochet goddess locs,freetress goddess locs,goddess crochet locs
(7)Net Weight :50g / Pack Crochet Braids Synthetic Hair Extensions,kannekalon braiding hair,freetress crochet hair faux locs ,goddess locs crochet hair
(8)Hair Item :Inter Locking Faux Dread Locks Beans Synthetic Hair ,crochet braids,deep curly faux locs braid,goddess crochet hair faux locs

IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM ,Pls Don’t Hesitate Let Us Know .

  • Hair Material:Synthetic Hair, 100% Kanekalon Hair Extensions, Goddess Locs Crochet Hair Braid Extension.faxu locs crochet hair,goddesslocs crochet hair faux locs with deep ends,crochet hair faux locs,locs braiding hair
  • Style:Goddess Locs Crochet Braiding Hair
    Size :14 Inch.Goddess crochet hair.
    Packaget :24 Roots Per Pack 50g/Pack, 6Pcs/Lot,Goddess crochet hair curly end,goddess crochet hair faux locs
  • Color &Length : Color 1B#. We also have 2#, 4#, 1B/30# ,1B/27#, 1B/Bug 14 Inch Goddess Locs Crocher Hair,braiding hair dread locs,Goddess Locs Crocher Braid Hair,dreadlocs
  • Hair Advantage :Does Not Rough Light weight , Smooth, Compact, Tight Soft Hair, Hold Long Time Easy to Install, Beautiful Hair and Look Natural,crochet locs goddess,braiding hair,crochet locs goddess,curly faux locs crochet hair,freetress crochet goddess locs
  • Factory Outlet, Fast Shipping By FBA,faux locs,braiding hair dread locs,goddess locs crochet hair,ombre braiding hair,crochet locs,deep curly fauxlocs braid,synthetic hair extensions,freetress goddess locs,goddess crochet locs

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